ADHD in children and adolescents: Scientific update and implications for psychological assessment

ADHD in children and adolescents: Scientific update and implications for psychological assessment

Presented by Robin L. Peterson, Ph.D., ABPP 

Session 1: November 5th, 2021: 9:00AM to 12:30PM (MST)

Session 2: November 6, 2021: 9:00AM to 12:30pm (MST)

Location: Online via Zoom

Please see the attached brochure, which includes Dr. Peterson’s bio, the schedule for each day, details of the event and registration information.


Workshop Summary:

This workshop will begin with a brief overview of current scientific knowledge about attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), including definition and subtypes, etiology, epidemiology, brain bases, neuropsychology, and developmental course. Dr. Peterson will review the evidence on cross-cultural prevalence and its implications for under- and over-diagnosis of ADHD.  She will discuss the extensive comorbidities with ADHD, including other neurodevelopmental disorders, other psychiatric disorders, and medically-defined disorders.  She will present recent research of her own and her colleagues within the Colorado Learning Disabilities Research Center that helps to explain these comorbidities.

The remainder of the workshop will focus on the implications of this scientific background for individual diagnosis and treatment planning. Dr. Peterson will present two assessment models for psychologists working with children and adolescents with suspected ADHD. The first is a brief model designed to diagnose or rule out ADHD and screen for common comorbid conditions. The second is a more comprehensive model that addresses both ADHD and commonly associated learning and cognitive difficulties. Both assessment models integrate clinical history, observations, and rating scales while only the comprehensive model includes performance-based testing. She will review evidence-based, promising, and controversial ADHD treatments. Case studies will be used for illustration.

Participants will receive 6.5 CE credits (pending SPA approval).


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